Air National Guard Ornament


Skyward Salute

Celebrate the dedication and service of the Air National Guard with our ornament, a tribute to the noble mission of our citizen-airmen.


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Air National Guard Ornament - Tribute to Airmen

Honor Air National Guard Dedication This Holiday

This holiday season, pay homage to the commitment and service of the Air National Guard with our beautifully handcrafted ornament. Featuring the emblem of the Air National Guard, this ornament symbolizes the exceptional service of our citizen-airmen. It’s an indispensable tribute to their dedication to protecting our nation and supporting our communities, making it a perfect addition to the holiday collections of military families, veterans, and supporters.

Proudly made in the USA, this ornament transcends mere decoration to become a symbol of gratitude for those who balance civilian life with the call to serve. Whether connected to the Air National Guard or simply admiring their sacrifices, this ornament is a meaningful way to commemorate their service and the enduring values they uphold.

Wings of Gratitude:

  • EMBLEM OF HONOR: Showcases the Air National Guard emblem, celebrating their mission and values.
  • DEDICATION CRAFTED: Echoes the dedication of the Air National Guard with exceptional American craftsmanship.
  • TRIBUTE TO HEROES: Honors the United States Air National Guard and their families’ bravery and dedication.
  • A GESTURE OF THANKS: Expresses appreciation for the dual service provided by Air National Guard members.
  • HEROIC CELEBRATION: Adds a meaningful touch to holiday decor, reflecting pride in the Air National Guard’s service and sacrifice.

The Air National Guard Ornament is a celebration of courage, service, and commitment, offering a piece of their valor to enrich your holiday season. It invites honoring these dedicated citizen-airmen and their contributions, making it a cherished addition to your holiday traditions.