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Looking for a Rhode Island Lighthouse Ornament?

Add our Block Island Lighthouse ornament to your decor. A keepsake of the “stumbling block” of the New England coast.

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Looking for a Rhode Island Lighthouse ornament?

Honoring the Block Island Lighthouse and its many fascinating stories, this lighthouse ornament is a perfect addition to your lighthouse collection!

Nicknamed the “stumbling block” of the New England coast, the Block Island Lighthouse, Southeast sits on a treacherous and unforgiving coastline with barely-hidden submerged rocks and shoals tempting ships to a tragic fate. First lighted in 1875, this mix of Victorian and Gothic architecture has become a must-see spot for its design and the history surrounding it. Tour guides often tell the story of the hurricane that almost took the family in residence along with the windows, garage, and the light lens. The history behind this must-have lighthouse ornament rivals any campfire story. Add it to your collection and become the envy of every lighthouse aficionado.

Ornament Specifications:

  • Material: Natural Pecan Wood;
  • Thickness: 5/16 inch;
  • Dimensions:  4 in x 3.75 in;
  • Meticulously packaged in a gift box.

Your ornament will be handmade in our South Carolina studio with years of experience, from Pecan Wood.  We take great care in the creation of each of these engraved ornaments because we know they are going to you to help decorate your home and that is something we cherish.

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Here are some creative uses of using your Rhode Island Lighthouse Souvenir all year long!


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