• Chinese Zodiac Year of the Horse Ornament
  • Chinese Zodiac Year of the Horse Ornament

Chinese Zodiac Year of the Horse Ornament


Gallop into Festive Elegance

 Dive into the rich lore of the Chinese Zodiac with our handcrafted Year of the Horse ornament. A beautiful blend of tradition and artisanal charm.

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Year of the Horse Ornament: A Celestial Journey in Zodiac Radiance!

Light up the constellations because the universe just sent you a cosmic gift! For those entranced by the ancient stories of the Chinese Zodiac, a shimmering beacon awaits – our handcrafted “Year of the Horse” ornament. This isn’t just any star in your festive galaxy, but a glowing representation of the vibrant souls born under the sign of the Horse.

Drenched in cosmic allure, this piece resonates with energy, zeal, and the expansive universe’s spirited rhythm, echoing the tales from ancient Chinese skies.

Zodiac Significance Beyond The Milky Way:

  • Desk Star: Let its astral glow inspire dynamism and creativity on your worktable.
  • Stellar Keepsake: A token to cherish, recalling magical, star-crossed holiday moments.
  • Gift Magic: Elevate your celestial gifting by adding this as a symbolic topper.
  • Cosmic Compass: Hold it dear as a nudge towards life’s spirited, zodiac-led journeys.

Orbiting the Zodiac Specs:

  • Star Size: At 3.6 in x 2.6 in, it’s destined to be the shining star!
  • Starry Craft: Engraved into natural birch wood, it’s both rustic and otherworldly.
  • Eternal Starlight: With a sturdy 1/8 inch thickness, it’s here for many cosmic cycles.
  • Made with love, precision, and a sprinkle of stardust in our South Carolina cosmic workshop.
  • In the Chinese Zodiac, the Horse represents the years: 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, and 2026.

Time to soar through the zodiac skies? Chart your course through our full Chinese Zodiac galaxy and let every corner of your space shimmer with astral charm. Gifting or adding to your own constellation, this “Year of the Horse” ornament promises to dazzle, delight, and lead the cosmic conversation. Ready for lift-off? Jet over to the “add to cart” and claim this astral marvel now!