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Honor on the High Seas

Our Coast Guard Ornament celebrates the dedication and service of maritime protectors, making it a poignant addition to your holiday season.


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Coast Guard Ornament - Saluting Our Sea Sentinels

Commemorate the Valor of the Coast Guard This Holiday

Celebrate the unwavering bravery of the United States Coast Guard with our beautifully handcrafted Coast Guard Ornament. This natural wood ornament bears the emblem of the Coast Guard, paying homage to the heroes who ensure our safety at sea and along the shores. It serves as a poignant addition to your holiday collection, acknowledging the sacrifice and strength of these dedicated servicemen and women.

Proudly made in the USA, the Coast Guard Ornament transcends mere decoration, embodying a deep appreciation for the courage and commitment of Coast Guard personnel. It offers a moment of reflection for their vital role in our nation’s security, making it a cherished item for anyone connected to or respectful of the Coast Guard’s mission.

Guardians of Peace:

  • EMBLEM OF SERVICE: Features the iconic Coast Guard emblem, representing the noble mission of this maritime service branch. Size: 3.75 inches in diameter.
  • AMERICAN ARTISTRY: Crafted by skilled artisans, showcasing the dedication and honor emblematic of the Coast Guard.
  • TRIBUTE TO HEROISM: Honors the valor and commitment of the United States Coast Guard and their families, acknowledging their service and sacrifice.
  • A TOKEN OF THANKS: A gesture of appreciation and respect for the vigilant protection provided by the Coast Guard.
  • CELEBRATION OF SERVICE: A meaningful addition to holiday decor, paying tribute to the selfless service of Coast Guard members.

The Coast Guard Ornament is a heartfelt salute to the men and women who vigilantly guard our coasts and waterways. It invites the spirit of commitment and bravery into your holiday celebrations, offering a meaningful symbol of gratitude for the United States Coast Guard’s enduring service.