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Navy PIR Door Decoration | Anchor Door Hanger | Personalized


This unique Navy PIR Door Anchor is a beautiful gift idea for Navy Bootcamp graduation!

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Looking for a perfect door decoration for your Sailor's PIR weekend?

This Custom Navy PIR Door Decoration is a treasured piece to show the pride that you have in your Navy Sailor!

Decorating the door at the hotel when attending a Navy Pass In Review has become a tradition among the families of new sailors. It’s a wonderful display of the pride in the newest Navy sailors and so much fun to look at as you walk the halls! You will be proud to present this to your new Sailor!

We are here to help you create a special gift that will be treasured for many years to come!

  • This Navy PIR Door Decoration measures approximately 24.5″ x 15″ x 3/8″. 
  • The anchor will be painted blue and the engraved areas will be sprayed with a clear sealer. 
  • Finished with a gold colored ring at the top. 
  • There will be room to add your own personal “bling” if you would like.

We know that choosing a PIR hotel door decoration is special (we’ve been there). Thank you for considering this beautifully handcrafted Anchor! Check out our reviews!

“Official Crafter of the Navy; License number HOB-NTLPO-PALME01”

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