Creative Year Round Uses for Ornaments

Ornaments aren't just for Christmas...

We are pleased to share some of the most creative uses of our handcrafted ornaments that our customers have shared with us!

Creative Uses for Using Christmas Ornaments All Year Long

Ornaments as Gift Tags 

This might be the most obvious, but adding a personalized ornament to a Christmas Gift or Birthday Gifts will add a special cherished memory to the occasion.

Envelope Additions

Are you giving money as a gift? This is a simple way to add an inexpensive, personalized touch that will last a lifetime! 

Wedding Favors

This is one of the most common uses that we see throughout the year! A simple gift that will remind your guests of the special celebration of your love – forever! Our design choices are huge and you are certain to find one that fits your theme (if you don’t, contact us and let’s see what we can do).

Corporate Gifts

Choose your ornament design and add your company name – Something so beautiful that they will keep it forever! These can be given to clients or even make wonderful employee gifts.

Sports Team Gifts

Would you like to give a special gift to an entire team, with each members name on it? How about a special coach? With free personalization, our handcrafted a perfect choice for a personalized gift!

Place Setting Decoration

Wow, what a statement! In lieu of place setting cards, add a personalized ornament to each place setting at your table and hear the appreciation all at one time! You could choose one design or a special design for each guest at your table! 

Wine Bottle Topper

Want to add a special, personalized touch to a beautiful bottle of wine? No more wine bags…Our ornaments can be simply tied to the bottle. What a great, unexpected gift!

Ornament Souvenirs

Are you hosting a special event? A play, a sporting event, a reunion or a trip? The ideas are endless! Add these to your list of options and your supporters will be grateful for the special souvenir to remember the even forever!

Please be sure to let us know your creative use of your ornaments and we will add it to our list to share with others!!