Army National Guard Ornament


Guarding Freedom, Guarding Traditions

Celebrate the dedication and service of the Army National Guard with our ornament, a tribute to our nation’s protectors this holiday season.


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National Guard Ornament - Honoring Our Soldiers

A Salute to the National Guard This Holiday Season

This holiday season, honor the National Guard’s valor and dedication with our Army National Guard Ornament. Beautifully handcrafted from natural wood, this ornament features the distinguished emblem of the National Guard, symbolizing their essential role in serving both state and nation. It stands as a tribute to the men and women who embody the spirit of readiness and resilience, making it a cherished addition to holiday collections of military families, veterans, and supporters.

Proudly made in the USA, the National Guard Ornament goes beyond simple decoration; it’s a gesture of appreciation for those who stand ready to defend and assist in times of need. Whether for a service member, a proud veteran, or a supportive family member, this ornament serves as a way to commemorate their commitment and celebrate the enduring values of the National Guard.

Dedicated Service, Dedicated Craft:

  • EMBLEM OF HONOR: Features the National Guard emblem, a powerful symbol of their mission and dedication. Size: 3.75 inches in diameter and 1/8 inch thick.
  • ARTISAN QUALITY: Showcases American craftsmanship, paralleling the excellence and commitment of the National Guard.
  • TRIBUTE TO COMMITMENT: Celebrates the bravery, dedication, and dual role of the United States National Guard and their families.
  • A TOKEN OF GRATITUDE: A meaningful expression of appreciation for the National Guard’s service and sacrifice.
  • MEMORIAL OF SERVICE: Enhances holiday decor with a sense of pride, paying homage to the service and sacrifices of National Guard members.

The National Guard Ornament is a celebration of the courage, service, and commitment of the National Guard, offering a piece of their valor to enrich your holiday season. It invites honoring these dedicated citizen-soldiers and their contributions, making it a cherished part of your holiday traditions.